The Hibbins Cats

Dear, Mrs.laure i don’ t get why you sent ike to obedenceĀ an d lizzy miss and lizzy loved to play pranks on him we miss him.plz bring him back!!Today we were going to play a prank on him.First,you will put half dog food then half chewy and hard cat food and wait till he ate it.Then you laughed your head off.Then we loved to pull his dog bone around.WE MISS HIM PLZ BRING HIM BACK.The next day Ike sent a letter.Hi mrs.laure,

why did you have to do this to me I dont like it they want me to sit,stay,roll over and even laydown.let me come home please.I feel so bad for IKE so so bad for him.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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