The Haunted house

Once upon a time there was a zombie,In a haunted house who was taking kids,on halloween night.Maci was walking around  and she saw the haunted house and went in and never came out.As Halloween went by she came back with a broken leg. The next halloween Maci and Lizzy went in. This time they came out with one dislocated shoulders and as zombies. I went in and unmasked the zombie and saw it was…. Mrs.Snider…… THE END 

Writen by:Abby Allen

illastrated by:Abby Allen

9-11 Reflection

9-11 just any normal day people going to work in New York city. Till Boom  plane hit one of the twin towers.About 1 hour later a plane hit the other twin tower with a big Boom!!!!About 20 second after the plane hit both buildings feel.About 300 people died trying to get everyone out of the building.3 hours later a plane hit the pentagon there was about 200 people that died.That night at 6:54 pm another plane was high-jacked and was heading for the White House but lucky some passengers took risk of there life to save the president  of the United States Of America.After that day 20 years later they made 2 wells right where the  twin towers were.Some people say the water is the tears of the ones who lost someone that day.We all hope that never happens again.

By:Abby Allen


Texas Paintbrush

   The Texas Paintbrush/Indian Paintbrush its  scientific  classification scrophulariaceae. The scientific name  is  castille  indivisa. The flower grows all over Texas it grows in white oak , Longview, Kilgore and  more. The color of the flower is a red orange white creamy and pate yellow.The flower has a leaf like bracket.  its color is orange. It grows  8 to 24 in.       The seeds per pound is  5,100,000.  The blooming period is April – June.   WE LOVE TEXAS WILDFLOWER!!!!!!!!!!   PLEASE TAKE CARE OF OR WILDFLOWERS!!!!!!!!

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