The Hibbins Cats

Dear, Mrs.laure i don’ t get why you sent ike to obedence an d lizzy miss and lizzy loved to play pranks on him we miss him.plz bring him back!!Today we were going to play a prank on him.First,you will put half dog food then half chewy and hard cat food and wait till he ate it.Then you laughed your head off.Then we loved to pull his dog bone around.WE MISS HIM PLZ BRING HIM BACK.The next day Ike sent a letter.Hi mrs.laure,

why did you have to do this to me I dont like it they want me to sit,stay,roll over and even laydown.let me come home please.I feel so bad for IKE so so bad for him.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zombie attack

I was at school on a Friday afternoon. I looked out the window and there was a ZOMBIE Ahhh.Evrey one was running around. Oh no! Lizzy fell.Here let me help you. Hold on let me grab something.Why are you looking in your lunch kit?Lizzy said.One second let me find something.Here it is my #1 favorite food curly fries.What are you going to do with them?Lizzy said. If a zombie comes I will smack them in the face” “come on, get up ones coming everyone down on the ground.hiya!”Th.e Zombies went down.

wrriten by

     Abby Allen 

Calofornia Gold Rush

 I would go west to find the calofornia gold rush. Because i would like my family to have a good life.I will go in a covered wagon . I would want to be rich so i could live on a nice piece of land.we will live in calofornia. the pony express will deliver my mail.My dad was a cowboy at the time so he sent me and my mom to go find the calofornia gold rush.

Patriot poem/Francis vigo

vigo often aided american forces during the revolutionary war

francis vigo was born dec. 13,1747

vigo was buried greenlawn cemetary

died in 1836

francis vigo

born in 1747

Estate allowed payment for $8,016

traded with the American marchents east coast

died on march 22,1836 at the age 88

The Haunted house

Once upon a time there was a zombie,In a haunted house who was taking kids,on halloween night.Maci was walking around  and she saw the haunted house and went in and never came out.As Halloween went by she came back with a broken leg. The next halloween Maci and Lizzy went in. This time they came out with one dislocated shoulders and as zombies. I went in and unmasked the zombie and saw it was…. Mrs.Snider…… THE END 

Writen by:Abby Allen

illastrated by:Abby Allen