Personal Narrative

      I was finally in the car and we were going to TOYS” R “US.  I was ready to get out of the car to go shopping with my Aunt Lucy.

      On that day my Aunt Lucy took me Birthday shopping at  TOYS”R”US. But she gave me a money limit of  $60.00. She got me Shoppkins for $5.00 ,Magic Pens for about $5.00,a contaner of  Beados  for $15.00.So I probably spent about $45.oo. But  I spent about 1 hour at that place. because I’m really picky about my toys. After that we went to Chic-fa-la to eat lunch.Then my Aunt Lucy took me home.Then my friend came over to spend the night with me.  

     I will always remember the time I spent with my Aunt Lucy.